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2009 race application Word format

2009 race application PDF format

Age Requirements for 2008:

    Stock Division - ages 8 - 13

    Super Stock Division ages 10 - 17

   Masters Division - ages 10 - 17

You must be the minimum age of the division by the race date of May, 30th 2009 and cannot exceed the maximum age of the division before July 25, 2009.

The three divisions you can race in are:

Stock: This division is made for the younger driver, smaller in size and aged 8 to 13 years old, depending on their size. This car has a maximum weight of 200 pounds and is suited for drivers up to 110 lbs. The shell of this car comes in white, red, or blue. It cannot be painted, however you can use decals and other means to decorate the car. This car must be built to plans without exception.

Super Stock: This division is for the larger child ranging in weight up to 145 lbs and aged 10 to 17 years old. The opening of the car is a lot larger and this car can be painted if desired. Maximum weight is 230 lbs. This car must be built to plans without exception.

Masters: This division is for the more experienced builder and driver. Age is 10 to 17. It will require 80 or more hours to complete. You have the ability to plan and have some discretion in the building of the car. You can build this car around the driver, putting the controls, helmet, and weights to your needs. It is suitable for drivers up to 170 lbs., with the max car weight of 255 lbs.